Thank You!

Thank you so much.

I have to admit it is a very humbling experience and slightly embarassing.  That is why I am so grateful that you are ordering your very own Done-For-You Meal Plans.

I will email you for your phone number, then call you right away so we can get started.

Please gather the following items prior to our call.

  • Logo
  • Colors (I can grab these from your logo)
  • Personal and Brand Images

I will also need to know your target audience and what your message is, so we can customize the meal plans for your clients.  Just let me know if your clients want;

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Mass Building

If you have any specific nutrient ratios you would like let me know.  If you have no idea, let me help you define what will work for your target audience and get to work.

If you already know all this, then feel free to fire me an email with these things and a brief description of your wants and needs for your meal plans and I will call you to make sure we are 100% spot on target.

Again, I want to Thank You for helping me and my family and look forward to getting you your very own Done-For-You Meal Plans in the next few days.



Just for kicks, take a look at these packages and envision them in your own colors and logo.