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Welcome to the Affiliate Center for EmpoweredNutritionMealPlans.com

As an affiliate you will find that there is MUCH more to Empowered Nutrition than just meal plans, the micro and private launch schedule for 2010 (starting June thru December) is heavy and focused.  This will be your affiliate home page for all that is going on and all new release information.

Wednesday June 23 2010 @ 00:00:00: hours is the official start for the 3 day launch for our newest addition to the Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans family, with AFFILIATE CONTEST!

Stay Up To Speed with All my Empowered Nutrition Events and Dont Miss a Chance to Make a Difference In the Lives of Your Subscribers.

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Support: support @ empowerednutrition.com

Email Me: Patrick @ empowerednutrition.com

Sales Home Page: www.EmpoweredNutritionMealPlans.com

Sales Page Affiliate Link: http://YOURAFFILIATENICKNAME.ensystems.hop.clickbank.com

I will be releasing a whole new line of meal plans that NO ONE currently provides.  This is a dynamic 3 stage 12 week multi strategy nutrition program and is lead in with a simple hook that everyone is dying to know.

June 23 2010 with your help I will reveal “Budget Diet” and “Ultimate Transformation Meal Plans”.

Budget Diet is designed to acknowledge the hardships of the economy and the challenge many people face when trying to eat clean and eat better… that is the price.  Eating clean is NOT cheap!  Let’s HELP your clients see how it can be done cheaper.

This program is kicking off with a series of Free Gifts for your clients.


MONDAY June 21 – unofficial launch promotion – Drop 5 pounds in 5 Days Before Vince and Flavias Wedding (grab the email click here).  This initial soft promotion is simply an email with a free attachment.  Nothing crazy, Nothing Required.  It’s from me to you and you to your list.  You can link to our site and see the freshly created introduction video and allow them to opt in to get these awesome free GIFTS:

  1. Budget Diet Report: 10 Money Saving Tips for Dieting On A Budget
  2. Ultimate Nutrition Sample Meal Plan
  3. 5 Pounds in 5 Days, Getting extra cut for Vince and Flavias Wedding
  4. 1 Night Hotel Stay Certificate (yeah just for opting in – 3 days only)

TUESDAY  June 22 – 1 day pre launch with promotional video – at 00:00:00 hours (midnight EST) We will kick things off with the CRAZY promotion to get massive optins with the combination of the same killer optin free gift bonuses and the event goes LIVE.

WEDNESDAY June 23 – LIVE at Midnight (00:00:00 hours) – Now the sales pages start to change.  1 video per day for 3 days…


Wednesday June 23 2010: Video 1 Patrick in nature setting… talking about what is really going on… why things are too expensive and getting worse.  What are we going to cover in the next 3 days… free gifts for sign up and lots of great informative content in the form of valuable email and future information videos.

Grab the Day 1 email click here

Thursday June 24 2010: Video 2 HOW the MAN behind the grocery and supplement companies is SCREWING you and lining his pockets with your after tax dollars, especially when it comes to eating clean and dieting for weight loss and muscle maintenance

Grab the Day 2 email click here

Friday June 25 2010: Video 3 – WHEN and HOW to SHOP Organic and WHY you should be a SMART Organic Shopper as I EXPOSE a HUGE secret to the organic whole food scam that is ROBBING you of your money

Grab the Day 3 email click here

Saturday June 26 2010: Special Video Bonus – Video 4 – WHY the diet industry wants to KEEP you FAT so they can continue to STEAL money from you like a DRUG dealer and a JUNKIE… FOOD, PILL and DIET Junkie.  I will SHOW you HOW you will KILL this cycle once and for all and NEVER go back to the dealers like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem ever again as I EXPOSE their legal scams.  I have the solution and I will empower you to take control and live a new life in a new body.  Not only that but we will work together each week to save you bundles of cash and put you in a new BMW and send you on a Dream vacation with all the money you will save by kicking your dealer to the curb and killing your diet junkie lifestyle.

Grab the Day 4 email click here


I am running an Affiliate Contest for cash for First, Second and Third… the TOP 3 BIG DAWGS will WIN BIG!

I also have a bunch of vacation packages lined up for the top 3 and the most sales, most hops, best hops to sales.  Here is the breakdown… www.EmpoweredNutritionmealPlans.com/Affiliates-Budget-Diet-Event-Emails

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